Unboxing Michael Lau x PUMA Sample Suede #ForAllTime #PUMASG

Note: There is no audio commentary in this video :p

TOYSREVIL takes a closer in-hand look at this graytone edition PUMA SAMPLE SUEDE sneaker, designed by the Godfather of urban vinyl toys, Hong Kong artist Michael Lau - who has joined PUMA to create a masterpiece to honour the Suede's 50th anniversary.

With a SRP is SG$270.00 per sneaker+toy set, the PUMA SAMPLE SUEDE is scheduled to be released in Singapore from 20th January 2018 onwards, available via Limited Edt, Leftfoot and in PUMA.com. Here are some more snaps to look at:

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PRESS: "The PUMA x Michael Lau "SAMPLE SUEDE" takes its inspiration from the sample sneakers that brands produce as a model for production or to send to sports icons for final testing. Lau gives the iconic silhouette a protoypical feel by using work-in-progress details like the zig-zag finishing of the fabric sample along the Formstripe, lacing and tongue. To add to the sample concept, "50 Sample Suede Not For You Only For Me" is embossed on the heel of the shoe."

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PRESS CONTINUED: "The Chinese character for "sample" is designed on a sample swatch for the tongue and sicklier. An "L" is on the heel tab of the left kick, a "R" on the right. These imaginative touches make several shades of gray included in the Suede's plush upper all the more intricate. The right show features lighter grabs, the left darker. It's a mix-matched magnum opus. And the white laces and thick textured sole frame the work perfectly. The insole is taken from the form that the factory fills out when identifying a sample - with the style name, article number, colour way code and factory code."

On why signing his own version of the Suede is special for Lau, he remarks, "My connection to the PUMA Suede is that I am from that generation. It's celebrating it's 50th anniversary and that means we are all around the same age. Our generation really has seen the sneaker culture develop. From the 70s, 80s, 90s, all the way into the 2000s. It's classic like me now. It was right there from when I was young, and was prevalent in the early formation of youth and street culture, and is still around. I'd say that makes the Suede pretty classic."

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Limited to 400-500 sets worldwide, the sneakers come along with a vinyl collectible toy designed by Michael Lau, named "WORTH CAT" (previously featured), which we will take a closer look on TOYSREVIL in a separate post soon!

These limited edition figurines are only available in Singapore and Indonesia for SEA and will be sold with the sample suede shoes exclusively.

Note that WORTH CAT possesses 7 different expressions: Silly, Smile, Serious, Scary, Sad, Silent and Scream... I'm not too sure what expression mine is tho, but I sure as heck am excited for a "Michael Lau"-toy! THANKS, #PUMASG!

More information & continued coverage #onTOYSREVIL: http://bit.ly/2mPMOQm

Thanks #PUMASG!

(Track used: "Take Me" by VIBE TRACKS)


Resin 10" Dunny Bookends from Kidrobot

KIDROBOT PRESS: ”Collect Your Home” with these decorative bookends featuring your favorite Kidrobot character, the DUNNY. This set of resin 10-inch tall DUNNY bookends comes coated in a classy white gloss outer finish and feature a stepped clear resin design extending through the center of the pieces. This set will bring brilliance to any room in your house! Get these kidrobot.com exclusive bookends before they are gone.”

Resin 10" Dunny Bookends from Kidrobot

And while on the outside, it looks spectacularly mundane, on the inside however is a splendid layering of hues and depth in which a "simple" Dunny could afford, IMHO. Perfect to display while OPENED, and criminal to use as an actual "bookend", IMHO.

Now available exclusively at Kidrobot.com for US$95.00

NEW Resin 10" Dunny Bookends from Kidrobot now available exclusively at Kidrobot.com for US$95.00

KR PRESS: “”Collect...

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Apparel Capsule Collection for 25h Anniversary of UNKLE & Pop-Up at Super7 San Diego (July 22-23)

UNKLE Celebrates their 25th Anniversary at San Diego Comic Con 2017, and collaborates with San Francisco based art toy manufacturer Super7 to release limited edition collectibles (Featured in detail #onTOYSREVIL and a apparel capsule collection, featured below!

White T-Shirt - US$30

Black T-Shirt - US$30

Longsleeve T-Shirt - US$40

Camo Coaches Jacket - US$65

Pullover Hoodie - US$50

These will be available at a Pop-Up event at their Super7 San Diego store (@ 701, 8th Ave, San Diego, CA 92102 / 619-339 3642) from July 22nd to 23rd. This event will also feature an in-store appearance by James Lavelle himself at 2:00pm on Saturday (22nd)!

#UNKLE x #SUPER7 for #SDCC2017 has been revealed! Action Figure + Music CD + Carry Case = FTW! Find out more #onTOYSREVIL: http://bit.ly/2upCuUT! PINK contains “The Road” single & a pink camo figure. BLUE features the single “Nowhere to Run” & a blue camo figure. GREEN/OLIVE comes with a copy of the single “Looking for the Rain” & a green camo action figure. Limited to 500pcs each colorway, NO PRICES revealed yet tho … Stay tuned to @super7store for updates … UNKLE pop-up shop at the #Super7SanDiego store on Saturday 7/22 & Sunday 7/23, where there will also be a signing & exclusive DJ set from James Lavelle! Stay tuned to @super7sandiego for updates too! #SDCC #SDCC2017 #SanDiegoComicCon #SanDiegoComicCon2017 #comiccon #comiccon2017 #comicon17 #toynews #reactionfigure #unkletoy DUDE! A NEW UNKLE TOY!!!!!

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Machine56 M56SC-F6 Varsity Jacket

Although it seems this post was meant to showcase the HELMET from Machine56 but in actual fact, it’s the Black on Black version of the M56 StreetClassic series heavy built varsity Jacket that is currently on sale on www.5060.bigcartel.com, with the M56SC-F6 priced at US$195. But the helmet is uber-awesome still … CHECK IT!

02M56SC/F6 5060.bigcartel.com

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Retro-er-than-Retro Street Fighter Arcade Game



ELBOW Portable Cassette Player

A slice of “retro” for the Future - with “ELBOW” being a next-generation portable cassette player concept, designed to bring the audio cassette back to prominence. Relive the glory of the 80s-90s with a revival/reboot!

Currently in prototype stage, here is a video and a selection of images to whet you tech gadget-loving appetites - with all images and future updates via their Facebook Page.

"ELBOW was first conceived by the audiovisual art duo BrainMonk as a cool side-project. Tired of the industry-dominating smart devices and touch screens, the designers wanted to create something immediate and tactile. For the life-long music fans, a cassette player seemed like the perfect project to stretch creative muscles and innovate.

ELBOW design concept, which condensed portable player to it's bare essence, has been well received by the design community (winning two competition awards) and cassette tape aficionados. Now ELBOW has entered prototype stage, where we are figuring out the physical and financial realities of the project."

TAYBLES: The Original Cassette Tape Coffee Table

Modern Design Just Got a Retro Look! The Cassette Tape Coffee Table is built to scale with a whiteboard top & hidden storage, with TAYBLES: The Original Cassette Tape Coffee Table now on Kickstarter!

Ending March 21st, 2017, the campaign has since gone beyond the initial US$35,000 goal, with the tally now at over US$111,000.

Head to www.taybles.com for availability beyond Kickstarter.

I’m not a huge fan of having a “coffee table” (*Not that I “despise” it, I just don;t need a coffee table where I’m at :p), BUT it would be utter retro-bossilicious to blog on a cassette tape study table!!!



PRESS: "To celebrate Kong as a great icon of cinema and pop culture and the release of Legendary Pictures' adventure movie, "KONG : SKULL ISLAND", A BATHING APE® or BAPE® teamed up with Legendary Pictures for the first time to launch a new collaboration collection : A BATHING APE® x KONG : SKULL ISLAND.

Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures' "KONG : SKULL ISLAND" reimagines the origin of the mythic Kong in a compelling, original adventure starring Tom Hiddleston, Oscar winner Brie Larson and Toby Kebbell. Expect to find item lineup consists of pullover hoodie, sweatshirt and t-shirt which combine the KONG SKULL HEAD and APE HEAD design in this collaboration collection.

In United States, the items will be launched at BAPE STORE® NEW YORK and US.BAPE.COM. While in Japan, items will be available at BAPEXCLUSIVE™ AOYAMA, BAPEXCLUSIVE.”

KONG APE HEAD CREWNECK (Colors: GRAY / BLACK) at ¥18,000+TAX each.
KONG APE HEAD TEE (Colors:BLACK / WHITE) at ¥7,800+TAX each.

Source: Facebook