"Bonehead" Wearable Art from Machine56

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Dope “wearable art” by Machine56 - Vector-Supremo based out of Bandung, last seen as protos back when I had the opportunity to visit the man in 2009 (as ever thanks to ANTZ for the heads!), and years later to see these made available, is a real thrill for me - even if I cannot afford these awesomeness!

A trio of colorways have since been unleashed thus far, a couple you might recognise incarnated as 1/6th-scaled action figures made with GLITCH … meanwhile, do note that while these are “wearable”, they are NOT meant for REAL motorcycle usage! Don’t go crashing into sh*t and blame the helmet for not protecting you - THEY ARE NOT MEANT TO BE USED THAT WAY! They would make awesome “cosplay”-fodder tho - that is if you cosplayed his BONEHEAD characters!

Nevertheless, scroll down for peeps and get your online wallet ready to plonk down serious $$$ if you so please! :)

C5 REX 1

The gold accent on black REX-M56CUSTOM is currently launched for pre-order at US$710.00. Limited to 20pcs worldwide, this pack also comes with a t-shirt and random 5060 goodies and a A5 sized print. This preorder session runs for 3 weeks.
"REX-M56CUSTOM. Is the custom version of the Rex character by Machine56, originally created to search and destroy the AWOL unit BoneHead Test-Subject 56."
C5 REX 2

UPDATED: SOLD OUT! There is also the OG-colorway of Red+White MKIII-C02, yours to be had for also US$710.
"MKIII-C02, a modified version of the original 1st release of the BONEHEAD back in 2009. With a limited run of 20 pcs worldwide. Comes in universal one size only, with an adjustable strap on the back. fully made with a durable fiberglass casting and a fully handmade sculpting."

There is also a third helmet, the black+white MKX-C2 since listed as ‘Sold Out’.