ELBOW Portable Cassette Player

A slice of “retro” for the Future - with “ELBOW” being a next-generation portable cassette player concept, designed to bring the audio cassette back to prominence. Relive the glory of the 80s-90s with a revival/reboot!

Currently in prototype stage, here is a video and a selection of images to whet you tech gadget-loving appetites - with all images and future updates via their Facebook Page.

"ELBOW was first conceived by the audiovisual art duo BrainMonk as a cool side-project. Tired of the industry-dominating smart devices and touch screens, the designers wanted to create something immediate and tactile. For the life-long music fans, a cassette player seemed like the perfect project to stretch creative muscles and innovate.

ELBOW design concept, which condensed portable player to it's bare essence, has been well received by the design community (winning two competition awards) and cassette tape aficionados. Now ELBOW has entered prototype stage, where we are figuring out the physical and financial realities of the project."