Unboxing Michael Lau x PUMA Sample Suede #ForAllTime #PUMASG

Note: There is no audio commentary in this video :p

TOYSREVIL takes a closer in-hand look at this graytone edition PUMA SAMPLE SUEDE sneaker, designed by the Godfather of urban vinyl toys, Hong Kong artist Michael Lau - who has joined PUMA to create a masterpiece to honour the Suede's 50th anniversary.

With a SRP is SG$270.00 per sneaker+toy set, the PUMA SAMPLE SUEDE is scheduled to be released in Singapore from 20th January 2018 onwards, available via Limited Edt, Leftfoot and in PUMA.com. Here are some more snaps to look at:

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PRESS: "The PUMA x Michael Lau "SAMPLE SUEDE" takes its inspiration from the sample sneakers that brands produce as a model for production or to send to sports icons for final testing. Lau gives the iconic silhouette a protoypical feel by using work-in-progress details like the zig-zag finishing of the fabric sample along the Formstripe, lacing and tongue. To add to the sample concept, "50 Sample Suede Not For You Only For Me" is embossed on the heel of the shoe."

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PRESS CONTINUED: "The Chinese character for "sample" is designed on a sample swatch for the tongue and sicklier. An "L" is on the heel tab of the left kick, a "R" on the right. These imaginative touches make several shades of gray included in the Suede's plush upper all the more intricate. The right show features lighter grabs, the left darker. It's a mix-matched magnum opus. And the white laces and thick textured sole frame the work perfectly. The insole is taken from the form that the factory fills out when identifying a sample - with the style name, article number, colour way code and factory code."

On why signing his own version of the Suede is special for Lau, he remarks, "My connection to the PUMA Suede is that I am from that generation. It's celebrating it's 50th anniversary and that means we are all around the same age. Our generation really has seen the sneaker culture develop. From the 70s, 80s, 90s, all the way into the 2000s. It's classic like me now. It was right there from when I was young, and was prevalent in the early formation of youth and street culture, and is still around. I'd say that makes the Suede pretty classic."

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Limited to 400-500 sets worldwide, the sneakers come along with a vinyl collectible toy designed by Michael Lau, named "WORTH CAT" (previously featured), which we will take a closer look on TOYSREVIL in a separate post soon!

These limited edition figurines are only available in Singapore and Indonesia for SEA and will be sold with the sample suede shoes exclusively.

Note that WORTH CAT possesses 7 different expressions: Silly, Smile, Serious, Scary, Sad, Silent and Scream... I'm not too sure what expression mine is tho, but I sure as heck am excited for a "Michael Lau"-toy! THANKS, #PUMASG!

More information & continued coverage #onTOYSREVIL: http://bit.ly/2mPMOQm

Thanks #PUMASG!

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