Skull Lanyard Beads by 13ART x PocketDump

Taiwan's 13ART / Skullman has collaborated with PocketDump to produced his iconic skull-head design into a more "durable" version - currently available online here in Copper and Brass in "Vintage finish". Weighting in at between 17g - 19g, each sized 20mm x 15mm x 17mm piece is priced at US$70 (approx. SG$97.05) each, limited to 50pcs each material.

"This is my first cross industry cooperation. We want to make a durable version for my most popular design, so that people can carry it EVERYDAY. Hence, here is the metal version. We tried many different metals, but only Copper and Brass came out great. Like my other design, I decided to only made a small number of the beads."