i have been pretty much enthralled and obsessed over the UNIQLOCK feature ever since i first discovered it on Eric's blog. hell, this blog was essentially started becoz i'd wanted to have an online locale to show the clock (i am insane i know).

running on 24-hour-time (PST) the blog-embeddable java-script-based clock features different pre-recorded moving images (10-secs) and runs different for day and night (my collection of images show the "day"), with 2 different series of music as well. an alarm every hour on the hour shows a prolonged sequence. quite addictive starring at the varied images (altho after a fashion, i reckon i may have seen most of them LOL). the sweet ladies are not unpleasing to thee eyes as well, i admit (i want to marry them), who dance and lighten up the screen in the latest Uniqlo Cashmere-knit collection.

the Uniqlock clock comes in 2 sizes, the 160 X 130 and 424 X 278. and if you like to view it bigger, there's also a 24-color downloadable Screensaver version. there is also an Alarm-Play Mode (which i have yet to try). wish i had more choices of music tho (which thankfully can be switched off, if ever you wanna watch embedded videos in the same page :p). click on "i liiike" below to view more screengrabs :)


Anonymous said…
i too am obsessed with uniqlock, i watched it for nearly an hour straight last night. i dont understand why its so intriguing/amusing. also, i want to marry the uniqlock girls too! i told my girlfriend last night i might have to leave her for one, she wasn't to happy.