Supreme Brick For The Discerning Collector

If you do not know by now (I just did anyways, the fashion maven I am not hahahaha), streetwear brand SUPREME is selling “branded bricks” at US$53/SGD$72 piece. Yes, a literal brick, but with the most important component of this piece; the “Supreme” logo.

Released as part of their Fall/Winter Collection (FW16), it is priced at 5,400yen, for a sized 21cm x 10cm x 5,5cm Red clay with debased logo on top. The reverse is plain smooth.

Now, I’m not going to knock the material-make, as the collectibles scene is currently seeing “concrete” being utilised, in it’s raw form too.

The “form” as well, as ludicrous as this release seems to be, no doubt we would be seeing multiple copycats in days to come maybe? “Bricks” made of resin, glass, paper-mache etc

The simple reality is one word: “BRANDING”, and the prestige that might come to folks who own the brand and it’s varied releases. Supreme is brilliant. And as much as anyone would bulk at the notion, there will be folks out there who would purchase said brick(s) and be utterly proud of owning this piece in their collection, or just simply show that they CAN own such a “collectible”, innit?

“FORM versus FUNCTION” matters naught in this world, but for the power of the “BRAND”? You Decide :)