20" Dunny Lamp from Kidrobot

Now this was a surprising release! “Was” because they have since been listed as “Sold Out” on Kidrobot.com, where they were exclusive released for Black Friday! And frankly, something KR should have gone into earlier: “Lifestyle” products! Very much like Medicom Toy has with their “Medicom Life” lines, and hopefully beyond the usual “urban scene” of apparel and skate decks KR has been releasing, IMHO. Time to diversify!

The item(s) in question; 20-inch tall DUNNY LAMPS! Limited to only 50 lamps for Black Friday purchase at US$300 per (excluding shipping) - they were only open to U.S. Orders Only! Maybe when they sort out international wattage, folks internationally could enjoy this? :)

KIDROBOT PRESS: "Light up your home with Kidrobot this holiday season and beyond with the all new 20" Dunny lamp by the creators at Kidrobot. This lamp features a plethora of modes to set the mood and all of the options can be accessed via a wireless remote."

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