Power Pink Can for MONTANA-CANS by Buff Monster

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Available to order on BuffMonster.com (10am EST) are POWER PINK CAN for Montana Cans by Buff Monster. “Artist Branded Spraycans”, folks!

"Of course, it’s every graffiti writers dream to have their own can of paint. Of course, I haven’t painted graffiti in a LONG time, but I do use spray paint for all the murals that I create. MONTANA-CANS has the best pinks on the market so it was natural I’d collaborate with them on this project.

The artwork for the can was originally drawn by hand (with a brush, as usual) and then it was carefully colored on the computer. Although it might be hard to see in the photos, I let as much of the silver of the metal can show through the design.

Each can will be signed by me. Each order will be shipped ground, so if you live outside of the contiguous United States, you’ll just have to look for the unsigned cans in your local paint store."
- shared Buff Monster.